Nilay Keçeci Be Light - Be Fit - Be Happy


We prepared a special project together with Dietician Nilay Keçeci in order to offer healthy alternatives to our customers at any time of the day. The menu includes various special recipes from vegetarian, vegan, and nutritious options!

As we were preparing the menu, we primarily focused on adhering to your diet or your healthy eating habits while also keeping taste and presentation at the forefront, as it is in the rest of our menu. We prepared a menu that includes many alternatives for any hour of the day to add a huge smile on your face, in contrast to the mainstream “low calorie” alternatives.

This menu includes many options that balances protein, carbohydrate, and fat content of a meal in consideration of special nutrition requirements of our visitors.

There are many delicious options that do not include any animal products for our vegan and vegetarian visitors.

Carbohydrates and proteins, our daily source of energy, are a must for our body in physical exercise and diet, while fats are the most crucial protectors of our diet and internal organs. So, we prepared meals for you with just the right amount of every macronutrient.

We took all the macro- and micronutrients our bodies need physically and psychologically and mixed them together to make sure you are not too restricted while keeping up with your healthy lifestyle.

You can choose from a variety of hamburgers, wraps, pastas, and even desserts without forsaking your daily eating habits. You won’t need to calculate any calories while picking a meal from our menu filled with low calorie alternatives. Calorific values and contents given in our menu will enable you to happily enjoy your meal.

The menu we prepared with Nilay Keçeci now awaits you in all branches!