Add Life To The Menu


Our new 2021 menu is not only for the huge plates; it also has a special place for the unique moments we share together!

Scan the QR code on each page to witness the moments we add taste to life, and you can even be featured on our menu by sending us videos using the #menüyehayatkat (#addlifetothemenu) hashtag.

We are here to share the best moments of your life in every food category in our menu. You can add life to our menu and share your valuable moments with our visitors by taking and sharing a video of you sharing a breakfast with your family, a nice lunch with your colleagues, a dinner for a special occasion, a healthy meal after a rather tiring workout, or just enjoying coffee and desserts with your mother and siblings.

Add life to our menu while sharing these beautiful moments with your loved ones!

We are following the videos you share online with #menüyehayatkat (#addlifetothemenu) hashtag and renew our menu every month with new videos from you. Who knows, maybe you will be on our menu next month with a lovely memory you will create in one of our Happy Moon’s branches.

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